Your Visit

What to Expect

Online Appointment Booking

We will confirm your booking either over the phone or via email. We do ask for a donation to support our charity at this stage, either by credit/debit card over the phone, Paypal or via Bank Transfer. We receive no government funding and can only continue offering our services because of your generous donations, our charity shops and our wonderful fundraisers & volunteers.  


You will receive an email via our secure online portal provider – Coviu. This will be the link you need to attend your ‘virtual’ appointment. You can access your appointment via any device (mobile, tablet, laptop, PC) but if a computer you will also need speakers/headphones and a working camera device for the machine to get the best out of the appointment. 

On the day

Use the link provided in the email mentioned above (see the red bar), you will need a few minutes to read the consent form and tick the button to confirm you agree and then proceed.

Make sure your connection works, you may be asked (depending on device) to check the camera is working and to allow your device to switch the microphone/camera on.


You will then arrive in a virtual waiting room, after 20+ seconds music will start to play and your fully trained Lady McAdden nurse will be alerted that you are waiting.

Your nurse will then confirm your access and please don’t press anything until her picture appears on the page – it may take a few seconds.

What if it goes wrong?

Your nurse will have your contact details and will ring you if you do not appear in her waiting room  – Don’t worry!


Visiting the Unit


How to find us


You will find us here on the corner of Hillborough Road and Carlingford Drive.

PARKING: can often be a problem in this area around Southend Hospital. We recommend the easiest place to park is in the hospital car park F.  The hospital does make a charge to park. There are lots of parking restrictions in the roads surrounding the hospital and payments can be made via a parking meter.








We are on the first floor but we do have a lift for any who need it.

If you need help with access just ring the doorbell on the front door and we will come and help.






You will be greeted by a receptionist who will book you in and check your details.

We have 3 sorts of clinic running at the Unit. Some will have an appointment with a Clinic Sister, others having a mammogram and others will be booked in to a doctor’s clinic.

The receptionist will ask if you are able to make a donation. We are a charity that relies totally on public donation and what we can raise through our shops and fundraising. Although we are in the corner of the hospital site we have no income from the NHS or any outside source.




Waiting room


The receptionist will give you an information leaflet to be read while you are waiting for your mammogram. There are always items for sale to browse in the waiting room, cards, handmade items, books etc.



Breast Awareness Appointment

Your Nurse will  call you from the waiting room and take you through to a consulting room.

She will ask you to read and complete a consent form and then in adherence with the NHS 5 point plan she will go through how to be Breast Aware. This will if you are comfortable include undressing from the waist up.

  1. What is normal for the lady – does she have any concerns or recent changes
  2. How to look at your breasts and feel them
  3. What changes to look for 
  4. What to do if the lady finds any changes.

If you have any specific questions or concerns, she will try and answer them, in the event of an issue/concern she will contact your GP so that you can get the support you need.