Your Visit

What to Expect




How to find us


You will find us here on the corner of Hillborough Road and Carlingford Drive.

PARKING: can often be a problem in this area around Southend Hospital. We recommend the easiest place to park is in the hospital car park F.  Although the hospital does make a charge for parking this is often easier than driving round in circles looking for a space.





We are on the first floor but we do have a lift for any who need it.

If you need help with access just ring the doorbell on the front door and we will come and help.






You will be greeted by one of our receptionists who will book you in and check your details.

We have 3 sorts of clinic running at the Unit. Some will have an appointment with a Clinic Sister, others having a mammogram (they will also see the clinic Sister) and others will be booked in to a doctor’s clinic.

The receptionist will also ask if you are able to make a donation. We are a charity that relies totally on public donation and what we can raise through our shops and fundraising. Although we are in the corner of the hospital site we have no income from the NHS or any outside source.




Waiting room


The receptionist will give you an information leaflet to be read while you are waiting for your mammogram. There are always items for sale to browse in the waiting room, cards, handmade items, books etc.



Your mammogram


The mammographer will call you from the waiting room and take you through to the x-ray room. This is our digital x-ray machine. You will have 4 pictures taken – one from the top and one from the side on each breast. The mammographers are more than happy to answer any questions about the procedure.




Breast Awareness visit with Sister


Every mammogram is followed by a visit with one of our clinic sisters. She will examine you and go through how you examine yourself.

She will also take a medical history from you; including family history details and will be able to answer any questions regarding your breasts.

It is an important part of our work to ensure you feel confident in being Breast Aware.

visit with sister



Your result


Mammograms are not read at the time of your visit although they will be checked to make sure they are technically correct.

Your mammograms are viewed and compared with your last set of mammograms (if we have them). If it is your first mammograms and we have nothing to compare the chance of a recall for further films or ultrasound is more likely.

We have 2 Consultant who come in to read the x-rays. We have one in one week and one the next. We always like two opinions on your mammograms before the results are sent out so please allow up to 3 weeks for your result to come to you. A copy of your result is also sent to your GP.

We look forward to seeing you for your appointment.

Please feel free to ask questions throughout your visit.